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Elementary Curriculum:

Several different curricula are used in writing our unit studies for Elementary grades 1st through 5th including Answers in Genesis, The Whole Word, and Moving Beyond the Page.

We believe elementary education needs to create a love for learning and God while teaching young minds to think critically about His Creation. Our elementary program uses a concept based, hands-on approach. Literature, science, and history are taught through unit studies.. The Bible is the foundation of all unit studies; for example, first grade begins with a study of Creation Week and incorporates unit studies of habitats, dinosaurs, and God’s unique design of animals for their particular habitat. First grade then continues to study Noah and the Flood and incorporates unit studies involving weather.

Elementary math: Singapore math is used throughout the elementary grades.



Middle School Curriculum:

Various different curricula are used including Bob Jones, Answers in Genesis, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Institute for Cultural Communicators, and McGraw Hill (Math) , various novels are used in the language arts programs.

Middle School curriculum transitions the student from the unit study approach of elementary school to the more traditional subject approach while maintaining a hands – on experience, particularly in history, science and English. Sixth grade students remain in one classroom most the day while 7th and 8th grade students rotate classes hourly.



High School Curriculum:

The Truth Project and Biblical Apologetics are required senior work so students possess the ability to articulate their beliefs upon graduation. In addition, senior students write a 10 page research paper, curriculum vitae, and study personal and global finances. Various curricula are used including Institute for Excellence in Writing, Daily Grams, various novels, Bob Jones,


College texts are used in the Anatomy and Physiology course, as well as, the Algebra III course (the Algebra III text is a College Algebra text). “Honors” courses equivalent to or surpass typical AP.

A rigorous high school curriculum prepares the student for success in college. Throughout the high school years, progressively more independence is expected of the student while less credit is given for homework and more credit is given for tests, papers, and projects. Students are taught to think critically using a Biblical foundation for all courses.




Course curriculum integrates a Christian worldview with partnering parents to prepare tomorrow’s Christ-centered servant-leaders today.

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